The last Mimzy

6 years 11 months ago - 6 years 11 months ago#645by ShawnS427
The last Mimzy was created by ShawnS427
This is really a great one, I just got done watching it for maybe the 4th or 5th time.

A scientist from a devastated future, where humans have almost completely destroyed our minds and bodies, sends a box back in time, in order to recreate a wonderful human race. The device is found by two young children, Emma and Noah, a brother and sister who are on vacation by a beach in Seattle, Washington, USA. In the box there are several items, first a stuffed Rabbit (Mimzy) - whom speaks to Emma. Then, there is a rock - which breaks into several pieces, pieces which begin to spin and create a special field that "Atomizes" objects while they are inside, and also provides a doorway to see the scientist in the future. Next there is a piece of glass that shows Noah sacred geometric shapes and designs, which get pulled into another item - a blue creature/animal that looks similar to a jellyfish/sea creature. And, a seashell, that Noah puts to his ear and it seems to improve all of his senses, and allows him to see energy patterns in the sky and earth.

In the movie the scientist fro the future needs DNA from a pure soul, one that has not been destroyed by the things we put in our body and our minds. It comes from a tear from Emma, which lands on Mimzy, whom they put in the special field created by the stones, and then use the "generator" that is made, when the piece of glass that was showing Noah the designs gets pulled into the blue "Jellyfish". The generator created a bridge over Space and Time, which sent Mimzy back to the Future, and the Scientist was able to use the DNA to rebuild Humanity.

I think that the point of the story is that we Humans are destroying the earth, our bodies, and our minds - by thinking that we are somehow disconnected and better than Nature, which there are many examples for... But also that Nature and the Universe are beautiful and sacred, and have many things that we can learn if you only are willing.

It is a nice movie and I highly recommend it!

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